"Blow xiao xiao? Wu Dao di Wu? " From Bai Zhantang’s teeth to jump out of such a sentence.

"The surname Xiao Di Xiao Wu Wu." Xiao Wu said that he still felt like that. Bai Zhantang certainly didn’t know that "blowjob" had other profound meanings, just blowjob.
Just ask a name Bai Zhantang stopped talking and looked at Xiao Wu straight.
At this time, the curtain of the spoiled child carried by eight girls revealed a crack, and a pair of dark and liquid big eyes emerged from the crack. Beautiful eyes flow. Bai Zhijun’s eyes are full of curiosity, confusion and more inexplicable factors.
"How can it be such a person?" Bai Zhijun’s voice murmured as if in a dream, "Isn’t it a handsome and charming young hero?" This … age is a bit wrong. "
Bai Zhijun is very beautiful. It’s that lovely beauty. She has a face as delicate as a crescent moon, a misty eye, a slender waist and slender round legs. Her cherry mouth always has a faint smile. Even without words, it seems to be telling beautiful words. She is so weak that people can’t help but have an impulse to give everything to protect her, cherish her and love her.
This kind of Bai Zhijun is so beautiful that it makes people feel that she is not real, as if she came from a painting or from the sky. There are only two kinds of men in this world who are worthy of such a Bai Zhijun: an angel with wings and a prince riding a white horse.
But the one with wings is not necessarily an angel, he may be a bird man; The man riding a white horse is not necessarily a prince. He may be the Tang Priest. What makes people feel sad is that Xiao’s 500% is the latter two. He is either a bird man or a Tang priest. If he marries Bai Zhijun, then all men will think that this guy must have grasped something deadly about Bai Zhantang and forced others to marry his daughter.
Sitting in the sedan chair with Bai Zhijun was a young girl, a butterfly whose name was Hua Die.
Butterfly essence is also an extremely rare existence in prehistoric culture, and their number is even rarer than that of rare tree monsters and giant ants. Their beauty is comparable to that of foxes and flower fairies, and even not inferior to that of carp spirits (mermaids) who are famous for their beauty. Since ancient times, emperors and dignitaries, both men and women, have loved to keep butterfly essence as soon as possible just because it is naturally bisexual and the most perfect sex slave in the world. Besides its innate ability to serve men, butterfly essence can also do some activities of "picking flowers", so in the demon world, butterfly essence is almost associated with lewd and coquettish words, and when it comes to butterfly essence, people will always think of that embarrassing person.
But this Hua Die is not that kind of butterfly essence or anyone’s sex slave. She is Bai Zhantang’s close disciple and Younger of Bai Zhijun. The relationship between the two women is also the kind of sister relationship that talks about intimacy.
Hua Die has a totally different beauty from Bai Zhijun. Bai Zhijun is the kind of charming beauty that wins, but she is the kind of beauty that is sexy to the extreme and coquettish to the extreme. Hua Die’s figure is the perfect "S"-shaped curve with two peaks, which is so huge that it is difficult to hold in one hand. Her waist is soft and slender, like a water snake swimming. Her hips are round, plump, firm and elastic, and a short skirt of animal skins can’t hide those beautiful legs. The pink capillaries can be clearly seen on the delicate and smooth skin, but there is a beautiful pale ink landscape scroll between the gaps that overlap upwards, which makes people want to see but can’t see, guess and guess the infinite gods surrounded by clouds and fog.
So for men, Bai Zhijun is the kind of woman who loves and then makes love, while Hua Die is the kind of woman who makes and then makes love.
Hua Die son also saw xiao five. Xiao Wu, who stood in front of two rows of female soldiers like a pacesetter, but the words that popped out of her mouth were completely different from Bai Zhijun. "How can there be such a strange man?"
"What’s so strange about him?" Bai Zhijun whispered to each other.
"The teacher elder sister is not I don’t tell you is I said you don’t understand, so I still don’t tell you.
Bai Zhijun took a white look at Hua Die. "Still can’t change the problem all nonsense. If I had known, I wouldn’t have brought you. "
"I was before you invited me here." Hua Die showed no weakness. "Someone came to beg me to say that we butterflies must let me give advice on men’s eyes. Why don’t you remember now?"
"That’s why I want you to say it. You sold it at this time." Bai Zhijun’s angry punch hit Hua Die’s shoulder, but it was very light.
Hua Die said with a smile, "I’ll ask the teacher elder sister first. What kind of man do you like? "
Bai Zhijun thought for a moment. "A handsome man, of course. He has interest and style. A good man with neat, generous and gentle taste. "
Hua Die son laughed again: "The teacher elder sister, you can go back. This Xiao Wu is not the kind of man you want. I’m even sure that he is at least 108 thousand miles away from what you want, which is the standard opposite of the man you imagine. "
Bai Zhijun opened his mouth slightly. "No, it’s just that the age is a little poor. It’s not as bad as you say, is it? Where did you see it? "
Hua Die’s son said, "Look at Xiao Wudi’s chin. His beard is obviously newly shaved today, but he doesn’t hang his beard often, so his craftsmanship is unfamiliar and he left two shallow holes in his chin. Look at his shoes. Although his upper body is clean, his shoes are full of dust. From this, we can see that he is a guy who doesn’t like hygiene and his living habits are definitely a mess."
Bai Zhijun took a closer look, and as Hua Die said, Xiao Wu had a small cut left by shaving on his chin, and his shoes were crumpled with dust. Bai Zhijun’s brow wrinkled up at once. "How can this be good? This marriage was mentioned by Prince Yuziyu, the master of the Shenyu family, and his predecessors. My father has no reason to refuse. How can I marry such a man?"

Hua Die chuckled: "Sister, you are wrong. In your opinion, Xiao Wu is a vulgar man with countless shortcomings, but in our eyes, he is one of the best men in the world. If I am not qualified, I will definitely rush to marry him. It is boring to be with such a man all my life."
"Huh?" Bai Zhijun opened his mouth again. "Are you drunk in the morning? This is not because you are drunk, is it? "
Hua Die’s son is still smiling. "The teacher elder sister, look at how broad the shoulders of Xiao Wu are, how solid the chest is, and the arms and legs. I have never seen such a strong man. And the way you look at his eyes is always so calm and indifferent. Even if the sky falls, such a man will stand in front of you fearlessly. Although his face is far from handsome, it gives people a sharp feeling like a knife. Isn’t this man a standard personality and one thousand times stronger than those sissy gigolo? Then there is his ass egg shaped thing. Look at what a strong ass egg shaped thing it is. Such a man can make you fly every night and get married every day. At that time, you were reluctant to trade a golden mountain for you. "
"Bah, count you dirty." Spat Bai Zhijun blushed and no longer spoke to Hua Die.
As Bai Zhijun and Hua Die’s eyes moved to Xiao Wu again, Xiao Wu pa lit a cigar and spat on the ground.
"My day! What did you do in Lao Tzu’s storage bracelet? The smoke is wet! "
Bai Zhijun almost fainted on the runway.
Hua Die son giggled that coquetry son untold lewd coquettish.
Bai Zhantang still stared straight at Xiao Wu as if Xiao Wu was his close lover in his previous life and as if Xiao Wu’s face was pockmarked in countless ways. His expression is still ancient. Don’t see the slightest joy, sadness and anger.
This expression makes Xiao Wu nervous about seeing his parents. It’s the first time that a big girl has gone to the sedan chair. Don’t say that Bai Zhantang doesn’t talk yet. Just stare at him. What does that mean?
"Uncle Bai …" Xiao Wu wanted to ask a good question, but he couldn’t say the last half sentence.

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