The second season of the Chinese Poetry Conference was very popular, and the news kept coming from DreamWorks, which was not bad either. It really didn’t mean that you could grab it if you grabbed it.

"Super-heavy short video" The real reason behind the plan to terminate the market of io IPO has stabilized. According to some sources, the two companies will merge into a DreamWorks flag company. The estimated market value of the two companies has exceeded 100 million. "
As soon as the news came out, it was said in the rice fragrance that the harvest year was "wow"
"I said that the pit owner didn’t come out to talk and was doing this."
"Amazing. What do two short video platforms that are fighting to the death have been pitted by dreamers?"
"Pit owner, can you do something serious? Cross my tongue again."
"Haha, wild dogs are shouting 200 million titles, such as awesome dreamers silently pulling out 100 million. Don’t bother me. I’m busy."
"Poof is not a level player."
Suluo is very busy with the merger, capital increase and shareholding. The first step is to achieve a lot of follow-up things, but no, he personally stares at letting the peak go.
But he’ll have to come to the rest. DreamWorks and a TV station are the most interested. Guess who it is
The major TV stations have come to the door one after another. DreamWorks is the strongest teammate in the country. Without them, it is simply lying down to make money.
Of course, zj Satellite TV beat us to it. Here, the old director and his successor killed DreamWorks at the first time and introduced Jie to suluo.
"I don’t care if you come to help me, there are not as many resources as some TV stations, and I am retired, but I can still guarantee that there will be no happiness between us."
Can suluo not promise? Hong Pangle is broken and finally has a job to do
The two sides have a pleasant negotiation, of course, not so soon, at least until this point has passed, and the transition of zj Taiwan also needs transition time
Lin Ye danced happily outside, only to find that suluo ignored him. How can he put up with a goal? It’s nothing to throw a ball in front of Jordan. That can blow a generation of Lin Ye’s hard work and make it worse.
Although suluo doesn’t know him at all, the benefits of challenging suluo are limited. The more the fans scold, the more attention the program gets. Can the ratings be bad?
"Don’t jump. Are you tired? Do your show well. The pit owner ignored you."
"Heat or will you spend more energy on the program?"
"Poor pit owner didn’t even look at you."
"It’s broadcast late, waiting to see how much you weigh."
If the fans are tired of scolding, then suluo has to go online. Weibo has updated the direct Aitlinye "Come on, brother, although I don’t like you very much."
"Ha ha ha ha ha"
Weibo is busy again.
Chapter six hundred and ten If a person is abnormal, there will be a knife.
Suluo responded to Lin Ye, you are a younger brother.
The pit owner bluntly said that he was not optimistic about the collapse of the second season of Linye Chinese Poetry Conference.
Sure enough, DreamWorks and a certain unit completely broke down.
I will tell you who is the eldest brother when Lin Ye returns to suluo.
When suluo goes back to the woodlands, you will find your uncle or your uncle.
Then the question is, is it big brother or uncle pit owner? Explain.
Weibo has completely collapsed, and it’s not a pleasure for netizens to calmly eat melons and watch movies.
"Gee, why are you fighting again?"
"The main face of the pit is suppressed, and the forest field can’t even talk."
"Which have you can’t be so partial pit Lord Lin Ye fighting capacity is ok"
"It makes me feel like the pit owner is the elder, and the forest field is the junior who occasionally makes trouble, but when the elder gets angry, he can put away his smirk and be beaten."
"Poof, the forest field is much bigger than the pit owner."

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