"How did it go so smoothly?"

"Did anything happen?"
Each heart is more or less full of big and small question marks.
Even [Melorina]’ s biological mother [Greer] feels uneasy about the overall situation.
This front
She really didn’t realize that her lazy daughter was so efficient.
It took only a few years to get everything done.
In principle,
Even if you go out and go straight to the original place for promotion, you shouldn’t be so quick …
What is the rapid upgrade?
And the truth
[Melorina] The process of promotion can really be arbitrary.
There is nothing in the process.
It’s over in an instant
All the efforts of all competitors were wiped out in an instant.
It seems that all the other party’s efforts are a joke, not even as good as a dog barking.
Ortega still didn’t accept [Melorina]’ s advice and stew those guys who would come to take refuge.

But after holding it, maybe her daughter will use it to play with her attitude and choose a semi-independent area with the opposite nature and almost the same size on the back of Crimson Heaven.
This happens.
See some don’t know 【 eternal often evil 】 【 eternal often good 】 is a guy all face Meng force.
"The integration of good and evil", "Good and bad family" … This kind of unreliable reality is a bit difficult for ordinary people to understand after all.
Especially when this kind of situation appears in the scenic special zone of "Bottom Abyss", it is even more understandable.
More children’s stories than children’s stories.
All kinds of unreasonable and unreliable
Everyone is willing to believe that [Abyss Lord] is choking to death after drinking water, but they are not willing to believe this outrageous reality.
At the same time
[to a parliament]
Inside the [terminal venue]
[The last person] tore up the result of [Invitation Letter] in the face of [Melolina]
Although it’s not too unexpected.
But I still can’t help but ask the Olga beside me.
"So isn’t your daughter interested in our plan?"
Although it is a trivial matter for the invited target to refuse the invitation letter, it will happen from time to time.
But she is still interested in being promoted so quickly.
The process was smooth sailing?
It’s as simple as taking a courier.
It directly poked into the cognitive blind spot of "The Final Man", which made her feel curious.
Olga didn’t hide anything, and he chose to tell the truth frankly.
"She is very lazy."
"I’ve been out once in my life."
"I think she is really not interested in that kind of thing …"
Don’t say your own door.
The truth is [Melorina] doesn’t even visit her own house.
The activity area of the Ministry is usually just those places.
of course
This is also related to the fact that her home area is true.
That is, any room is big enough to make the generation lost in "Great Demon Level" the actual size.

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