I waved to Wang Dalang not to ask him to wait for me in the store. I just left Xiangbiao Store with my backpack and went to a nearby restaurant to pack some meals that fit Wang Dalang’s taste and take them back to Xiangbiao Store.

Depending on Wang Dalang driving me away, I accompanied Wang Dalang to Xiangbiao Store for dinner.
I didn’t return to my rented place until after dinner. I decided to have a good talk with Xie Yiming.
When I entered the community, I saw a child crying by the Chinese fir tree again, only to remember that it had arrived. I made an appointment with Mu Sang, the demon catcher, to contact again in a week.
I took out my mobile phone and dialed Musang’s words. This time, the other end was quickly connected.
Musang asked me where I was and told me that his horse was coming.
I stood by the Chinese fir tree and stared at the Chinese fir tree beside me. Once again, I didn’t find anything unusual about the Chinese fir tree, but it was the crying of the Chinese fir tree that made me tighten my forehead.
Chapter one hundred and forty Catch the Demon Master
I stayed by the Chinese fir tree for a while and then went to the door of the community to wait for Musang to arrive.
I didn’t wait long before Musang came by car.
So at first glance, I can conclude that the heavy-eyed man from the car is not the ordinary person, and it should be Musang, because Musang looks too different.
Musang is dressed in a long sleeve robe with a cross-collared neck and a white collar with cuffs and forks on both sides.
A piece of cloth is respectively connected from the fork on the left side of the outer lapel and the fork on the right side of the lapel, and is put into the middle ridge of the back lapel by three folds.
Mulberry clothing is a standard substitute robe style.
More than that, Musang shaved his head and carried a sword in his hand.
The average person who will dress like an alternative, at first glance, is a monk, take a closer look at wearing a robe or a Taoist robe
I glanced at the dark sky and walked towards Musang.
No matter whether a black cat or a white cat catches mice, it is a good cat, and no matter whether Mulberry is dressed up, it is not a problem for him as a demon catcher to catch demons.
Go to Musang and I’ll confirm again whether it’s Musang.
Musang nodded and asked me to take him to the edge of my strange Chinese fir tree.
I am now a security guard in the community because of begging for boys some time ago. This is also a celebrity community security guard. When he saw me taking Mulberry into the community, he took a glance and didn’t stop me.
I took Mulang to the side of the Chinese fir tree that I thought was weird. I pointed to the Chinese fir tree. I told Mulang that I had touched the blood of the Chinese fir tree and I found that children were crying by the Chinese fir tree.
At the moment, the crying child by the Chinese fir tree has been taken away by his parents.
Mulberry walked around the Chinese fir tree several times and said that he didn’t find anything unusual in front of the Chinese fir tree.
Mulang said that there is indeed a demon in this community, but this Chinese fir tree is an ordinary Chinese fir tree.
Mulang explained to me that the so-called tree demon can escape once its skill deepens.
I was surprised to see that Mu Sang didn’t have what Bai Mu Sang said. What are the meanings of the tree demon escape body? Wait for Mu Sang to continue to explain.
Mulberry glanced at me and then spoke again.
Mu sang said that the tree demon is a tree, and it is precisely because the body is a tree that it is difficult to be seen.
Musang pointed out the number of Chinese fir trees in the community and told me where the tree demon could move instantly and where he could change Chinese fir.
However, if this is the location where all my previous anomalies occurred, then this location is the tree demon’s lair.
The so-called tree demon’s lair is the place where the tree demon is used to living. This place is more handy for raising the demon power. Generally, the tree demon will not leave the lair until it senses danger.
After listening to Musang’s supplementary explanation, I felt worried.
So all the Chinese fir trees in this community may be the tree demon. Isn’t that impossible to prevent?
Musang told me that the best place to look for tree demon is in the dead of night. If this community looks for tree demon in a big way, it will be regarded as snake disease.
I keep silent about Mulberry Noodle.
Musang’s appearance has gained a lot since he entered the community. Even if he doesn’t go to look for the tree demon in a big way now, many people will still regard him as snake disease.
I took Mulsang to the house I rented. Xie Yiming was a little surprised to see Mulsang, but he also asked Mulsang to sit on the sofa and pour a glass of water.
I was surprised to see Xie Yiming. I told Xie Yiming that there was a tree demon Mulberry in the community. I invited the demon catcher to wait until it was late to catch the tree demon in the community.
After I told Xie Yiming that he had the identity of Mulberry, I had some regrets.
Xie Yiming, he was surprised and let him be surprised. Why should I explain it to him so clearly? I was depressed when Wang Dalang teased me when I thought about the incense mounting shop.
Thinking of Wang Dalang teasing me, I looked at the table, where the food was placed and there was no trace of it.
After chatting with Musang for a few words, Xie Yiming asked me if I had eaten. I answered Xie Yiming that I had already had dinner with Wang Dalang at Xiangbiao Store.
Xie Yiming got up from the sofa and received the table food from the kitchen. He went back to the sofa again to chat with Musang.
Nima, I won’t come back to have dinner with Yi-Ming Xie. If Yi-Ming Xie really doesn’t eat it, I will see this reaction from Xie. My heart will soar and my anger will turn to my room and I will ignore Mu Sang and Yi-Ming Xie in the living room.
When I entered the room, I summoned Goo Zi from the Yinzhu and asked Goo Zi what he had gained from his recent practice.
Goo Tzu-hsin told me that Yang Zhu’s surface array method has benefited him, and the more he feels that there are many mysteries in it, the more he has to study it.
Goo Zi said that he cultivated Yin and Yang, and his strength increased rapidly after surgery. He practiced the attack method by himself, and his hand speed increased a lot and his effectiveness increased.
I’m in a charming mood when I hear Goo Tsai’s answer. Squeeze Goo Tsai’s baby fat cheeks and let Goo Tsai return to Yinzhu to continue his cultivation. Wait a while before I call him out to eat Yinzhu’s cooking.
Goo Tsai smiled and bent his eyes, nodding and returning to Yin Zhu automatically to continue practicing.
At eleven o’clock in the evening, I heard Mu Sang tell Xie Yiming in the living room.
I went out of the room with Xie Yiming to catch the demon with Musang.
At this time, most families in the community have turned off the lights and slept. There are several stars with lights on, and the security room at the entrance of the community is also dark.
Musang gave me and Xie Yiming each a handful of copper coins, and let us pierce the copper coins along the Chinese fir tree that I felt strange, leaving one copper coin on each tree on the left and right sides until the copper coins were finished.
Copper coins pierced the Chinese fir tree. I looked at the copper coins in my hand and raised my eyebrows. Musang said it was easy.
Although Chinese fir trees are light, soft and delicate in texture, it seems that it is possible to pierce Chinese fir trees with bare hands with copper coins.
Xie Yiming’s lip angle evokes arc.
Segmented reading 11
Pass me a sharp knife and signal me to go with him.
I followed Xie Yiming to a Chinese fir tree and watched Xie Yiming cut the trunk with a knife before stuffing copper coins into the cut.
Xie Yiming looked at me with a smile in his eyes after the demonstration.
My mouth twitched with a knife and I was ready to move from the other side of the Chinese fir tree that I felt strange.
Xie Yiming took me at this time and said that he would cut the trunk and I would fill the copper coins, so that he could quickly complete the account of Musang.
I think that Xie Yiming is unreasonable, so I will cooperate with Xie Yiming to leave a gold coin in the Chinese fir tree.
Cunninghamia lanceolata is the main tree species in the community path, and the copper coins given to me and Xie Yiming by Mulberry were quickly wiped out.
Musang paced. Xie Yiming and I filled the Chinese fir trees with copper coins. We looked at those copper coins carefully and shook our heads.
I couldn’t stop shaking my head when I saw Musang. I asked Musang what he meant.
Mu Sang said that this tree demon in our community was cunning enough to hide from the lair, but he also stained it with the demon spirit to cover up the trail.
Musang allocated copper coins from the Chinese fir tree in front of him, so that Xie Yiming and I could see the difference between the copper coins and those when they didn’t pierce the Chinese fir tree before.
I carefully looked at the copper coin in Sang Mu’s hand. It was pure blue before it was pierced into the Chinese fir tree. At this moment, the surface was covered with blood.
I went to another Chinese fir tree and pulled out the copper coin that had pierced the Chinese fir tree. The copper coin was as stained with blood as the copper coin in Mu Sang’s hand at the moment.
Mu Sang told me and Xie Yiming to take back the copper coin department that had just pierced the Chinese fir tree at this time.
Together with Xie Yiming, I gave Musang the copper coin department that had just pierced the Chinese fir tree to gather together and give it to Musang.
Musang raised his hand and looked at his wrist watch. He told me and Xie Yiming that this situation could be that he would wait for another three days and come again at the beginning of the lunar month.
I asked Mu Sang why Mu Sang said that the first month of the lunar calendar is the best time for monsters to enhance their demon power. Generally, monsters will return to their nests. After all, their nests can get twice the result with half the effort for demon cultivation.
There are many Chinese fir trees in the community, and he can’t do it without so many copper coins. It is too difficult to stab all Chinese fir trees in the community with copper coins to find the true body of the tree demon.
Musang said he couldn’t catch the demon until the tree demon returned to his lair at the beginning of the month.

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