"Ah, when did you kick you? I didn’t kick your leg until you took off my pants, did I? Besides, I kept my money for a wife. What’s cheaper? You told me that I had already called the police. If you leave now, it’s not too late. If the police come, I guess I have no problem, but your situation is not good." Zhao Bohao shouted at the hemp pole man through the crowd

After listening to Zhao Bohao’s words, the hemp pole man felt guilty and looked around as if he was afraid that the police would appear at any time. When he saw Ann temporarily, he cried and began to play again.
"There’s no justice, it’s going to kill people. Uncle police, come on, it’s going to kill people." The hemp pole man said more and more that he was crying, and the tears were crying, and people were angry next to him. It’s really a shame not to be an actor because of this appeal.
Suddenly, a handsome police motorcycle drifted to the scene of the accident and saw a handsome policeman with a police helmet and polarized sunglasses, and then slowly stepped into the crowd. People saw the arrival of the police and gave way to the police uncle.
"Who is the owner of the car? Please come to my side." From the mouth of the traffic police, it is not a sonorous man that people imagine, but a feminine and graceful female voice.
"I’m not the owner of this car, I’m just a passenger." Zhao Bohao saw that everyone looked at himself and quickly clarified with his hands waving.
"It’s just to look after a room. How can you make yourself as unlucky as a murderer?" Zhao Bohao thought in his heart.
"The police comrade is him. I took a long shot at the door, and he came out. I think the owner is him. He must be trying to shirk his responsibility. Rich people always play tricks on me like this. I just want tens of thousands of dollars to go to the hospital to see him. It’s not a big injury." The hemp-pole man was guilty when he saw the police coming and was ready to retreat, but when he saw Zhao Bohao’s cowardice, he got excited again.
"Oh, it’s not much to ask for tens of thousands of dollars. It’s really the conscience of the industry." The traffic police smiled after seeing the hemp pole man.
"You can discuss everything when you come over. It’s not a good thing that you are so far away." The traffic police took off their police helmet and frog mirror to clip their waist and then rushed Zhao Bohao to hook their fingers and said.
See the huge helmet face is a capable short hair, short hair is a delicate white face, big eyes, double eyelids, willow leaves and curved eyebrows, cherry small mouth does not reveal a classical beauty style.
It’s unreasonable for a beautiful woman to invite him. Besides, it has nothing to do with herself and there is no police sister to protect him. He is not afraid of the hemp man jumping up and biting himself.
"Say, how are you going to solve the police procedure or settle it yourself?" The policewoman asked 1 procedurally when she saw Zhao Bohao coming to her side.
"Go through the procedure"
Ma gan and Zhao Bohao gave two opposite answers, which surprised the policewoman a little. Generally, these luxury car owners will not choose to go through the procedure, because this will bring some negative news and adverse effects to themselves, and the accident car will be taken to the traffic police force for temporary detention until the accident is solved, so it is not so much trouble to go out again. Mobile reading
= = = Section 120 A slap = = =
Section 120 A slap
"Are you sure about the police procedure?" The policewoman asked Zhao Bohao doubtfully.
"Take the program" Zhao Bohao said very simply.
"Nima also settled your sister. Bullshit. It’s not that I settled my car. It’s not that I spent money. But how can I spend it with my wife?" Zhao Bohao thought to himself.
"Well, in this case, I’ll report to the accident department and let them appear to identify the accident." After the policewoman heard Zhao Bohao’s answer, she simply took out the walkie-talkie and prepared to call the headquarters
"Police comrades wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait
"Well, I’ll give you five minutes." The female traffic police snorted with disdain after seeing the hemp pole man.
"Thank you, comrade policeman." Ma Gong made a bow to the policewoman and then waved to Zhao Bohao to let him come over.
"Come here if you want to talk, or say it. Anyway, I won’t go there." Zhao Bohao is still sticking to the procedure
When Ma Gang saw this situation, he could say that it was not once or twice that he came out for food and touched porcelain. He was looking for luxury cars and chose places with blind spots. Every time, those luxury car owners ate dumb losses themselves. How could they think that Zhao Bohao had no choice but to get money to satisfy himself? He had to pretend to be painful and crawl to Zhao Bohao’s side.
"I said this boss is not easy for everyone. Look at my blood and this injury. It’s all true. Let’s settle it. It’s easy for you. I’ll save trouble. I promise I won’t look at your car. How about a slap in the face? It must be your fault for the accident identification. I’ll go to the hospital and lie down, but it’s not up to you." The hemp pole man threatened to help Zhao Bohao while analyzing.
"Mr. Zhao, please be calm and don’t talk to such a beggar. The person sent by the company is coming soon." Suddenly, Zhu Lin, the beauty of the red-flag car door, came to Zhao Bohao from the car
"It’s okay. It’s just a slap that he wants. I can afford it. It’s enough for me to ask you a slap in front of the police comrade and all my friends." Zhao Bohao looked at Zhu and smiled.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, just slap me. I want you to give me the horse and leave. It’s absolutely not slow." The hemp pole man was happy to show his rhubarb teeth and giggle at Zhao Bohao when he saw that Zhao Bohao finally made a compromise with himself.
"Comrade police, you are a witness for me." Zhao Bohao gave a strange smile to the policewoman.
"Okay, I’ll be your witness." The policewoman smiled and agreed to Zhao Bohao’s request because she had guessed his little thoughts from Zhao Bohao’s words.
"I’m not afraid of the guest dog with the police comrades as witnesses, big beauty. You should lean back and save your dog’s blood." Zhao Bohao gave a thumbs-up to the policewoman and turned to Zhu Lin and gently said that Zhu Lin was confused after hearing Zhao Bohao’s words, but he still took two steps back according to Zhao Bohao’s requirements.
"Sun looked up, and you asked me to give it to you, but don’t give me an account." Zhao Bohao said, then he raised his arm and swung a big circle hard, and then slapped the hemp pole like a thunder. The hemp pole man was overturned on the spot with a mouthful of black blood and two bright black teeth.
"The policeman asked me to send him, but he didn’t mean to hurt me." Zhao Bohao shrugged his shoulders as he looked around at a face of stupid people.
"I depend on you. You dare to hit me. I’m going to kill you." After recovering from the ground, the hemp-pole man looked at Zhao Bohao, who was forced to wear sunglasses, and broke out in his own small universe, touching porcelain and touching his handsome face. Everyone had to die.
He conveniently took out a sharp knife from his pocket and then jumped up directly from the ground. The external force of the blade rushed to Zhao Bohao. Zhao Bohao didn’t think much about it and directly blocked himself in front of Zhu Lin.
"Bang bang bang"
The policewoman saw that the hemp pole man wanted to commit a crime in front of his own eyes. It was really uncle who could bear it, aunt who could not bear it, and even aunt who could bear it, sister who could not bear it.
Just then, I’ll see the policewoman throw her helmet at the hemp pole man. As soon as she throws her helmet, she will touch the ground with a sharp knife. Then she will see a handsome female policeman kick the hemp pole man’s leg, and the hemp pole man is directly kicked upside down, and there is no movement.
The people around "pa pa" didn’t know that hemp pole was not a good man until they saw the sharp knife shaking on the ground. If the policewoman’s force value was too high, she might have suffered.
"Thank you, comrade police. If it weren’t for your hand, I would have suffered." Zhao Bohao is still in a better sweat. He was really scared. I didn’t expect this goods to be able to pack up in front of the police.
"All right, all right, this is what the police should do, but one thing I didn’t expect is that you are still a man and the crisis head knows how to protect your girlfriend." The policewoman waved at Zhao Bohao and accepted Zhao Bohao’s thanks
"This policeman comrade, we are employers, not what you think." Zhu Lin blushed after hearing the policewoman’s words and quickly retorted.
"Okay, okay, whatever you are, it’s not with me anyway. I’ve notified headquarters to let them come and deal with it," the policewoman said after the intercom called headquarters.
Suddenly, two red-flag cars came slowly from a distance and finally stopped at the outside of the crowd. Then four professionals in suits and ties came from the car. Each of them came to the traffic police with a briefcase and Phnom Penh glasses.
"Miss Zhu Lin" a slightly older man asked Zhu Lin behind Zhao Bohao.
"Well, I’m Zhu Lin and you’re from the company." Zhu Lin asked doubtfully.
"It is I who am the legal adviser sent by the company. Wei Zhengming, these are my legal advisory groups, and this is Mr. Zhao." Wei Zhengming rushed Zhu Lin to introduce his identity and then rushed Zhao Bohao to stretch out his hand.
"Hello, I’m Zhao Bohao." Zhao Bohao quickly shook hands with Wei Zhengming.
"Mr. Zhao frightened you. Now let me handle everything here. You can go directly to see the house with Miss Zhu," Wei Zhengming said to Zhao Bohao.
"That’s ok, then I’ll trouble you. Let’s go, Mr. Zhao, lawyer of Wei." Zhu Lin will take Zhao Bohao’s car and leave after hearing Wei Zhengming’s words.
Wait, did I say let you go? Mobile reading
= = = Section 129 Touching porcelain into fraud = = =
Section one hundred and twenty-nine Touch porcelain into fraud
"Things haven’t been made clear yet, so I’m leaving. I just praised you for how you turned back to your original shape." The policewoman suddenly shouted at Zhao Bohao and Zhu Lin and then stretched out her hand to stop them.
"This police comrade dares to ask your name. I am now Mr. Zhao Bohao’s attorney. I will handle all legal issues. Here is my business card and lawyer’s card." Wei Zhengming handed his business card to the female traffic police.
"Oh, my alarm number is 357323. My name is Liu Xiao. You can call me officer Liu. Your employer is now suspected of a traffic accident and can’t leave yet." Liu Xiao said to Wei Zhengming seriously.
"If it’s a traffic accident, please ask Officer Liu to come with me." Wei Zhengming smiled after hearing this.
"I want to see what you have to show me." After listening to Wei Zhengying’s words, Liu Xiao came with him to the extended red-flag car. Zhao Bohao and Zhu Lin were also very curious and went with them, and the onlookers around them also shouted to the car.
Wei Zhengming didn’t mind taking out a remote control directly from his briefcase when he saw people gathered around, and then fiddling with the remote control for a while. Suddenly, a 3-inch ultra-thin display screen suddenly rose on the hood of the red-flag car, and then everyone was surprised. The display screen showed the traffic accident from the perspective of Emperor.
On the display screen, I saw the red-flag car coming. First, I threw a roadblock and waited for the red-flag car to slow down. Then I quickly came to the car from the side and sat down in front of the car. Then I cried and put some bad paint on myself to make myself miserable, but the red-flag car never had contact with the red-flag car, except when the red-flag car slapped the door.
When people gawked at all this, things stopped talking. The goods were purely a premeditated porcelain-touching gentleman who deserved to be beaten.
"Officer Liu, everything is all right now. After the authenticity of this video, there is no need to doubt that he is tailor-made by Chuangshi Tuanli’s own commercial satellite vehicle positioning and road condition analysis institute. The so-called traffic accident is simply that the gentleman insulted and blackmailed Mr. Zhao Bohao. He has already constituted the crime of extortion and reputation damage. I now request the police to control the gentleman because my assistant has called the police station to report the case and believe that he will be prosecuted soon." Wei Zhengming’s words once again shocked everyone. I didn’t expect that the hemp pole would be sued even if it didn’t touch porcelain.
Wei Zheng’s words were just finished when he heard the siren coming from far and near. In a short time, two police cars came to the front of the crowd and called a car door. Then six policemen came from the police car and came to the people.
"School sister, why are you here? Who is so bold to provoke your head?" A tall and thin policeman came to court when he saw Liu Xiao.

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